Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Lonely Crows"

Photographing this small band called the Lonely Crows was on my shot list for the local paper I regularly photography for. I turned up to the gig with the camera the Nikon d90 I usually am supplied with and soon turned around and drove home to get my gear after wanting to photograph these guys a lot more than I planned. Returning, with my D300s and its best friend, 50mm 1.4 I stated shooting away, soon realising myself photographing to the rhythm of the music. Which for you other photographers might have experienced a few times before.

I also had on me, my latest toy. The GoPro hero 3 Black. This was a great opportunity to test it out.  photos and video from the GoPro, a little scroll down.

GoPro Picture

Video is Low ress

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